NAKED 100 SALTS - Arctic Air

NAKED 100 SALTS - Arctic Air (MINT)

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Product weight: 50 g

Cool your taste buds off with a simple yet tasty experience when vaping Classic Menthol by I Love Salts 30ml. Mad hatter has crafted a pure menthol flavor that will provide you with a crisp and clean vaping sensation that can be enjoyed all day. Perfect for vape enthusiasts that want a straight forward and fulfilling menthol flavor. Also another cool added perk of this salt nic flavor is that you can mix a little in with any fruit flavor and you will now have a cool twist to your favorite ejuices.

 Upon inhale of Classic Menthol by I Love Salts a chilling wave of cool menthol will swarm your taste buds and clear your sinuses. This experience will transport your taste receptors to the North Pole during those hot summer days. Exhale will be filled with even more menthol! However the flavor will not be as intense as it was in the inhale and will provide your a smooth and refreshing end.



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