PB And Jam Monster - Grape

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PB & Jam Monster Grape | Jam Monster E-Liquid

Again we find the Jam Monster in the wild and a-prowling

Stepping with stomps and giant tummy a-growling

As he passes through thrashed aisles of the grocery store.

He guesses he clashes with the people there before.

Following the looting and riots that proceeded to occur

After the first shopper saw the approaching mound of fur

And dashed out the door with a loud scream and louder shout,

Causing all sorts of chaos to come about,

The Monster had total freedom to shop around.

Naturally, he found his way to the big round

jars of grape jam, arranged for minimum wage,

and a thick loaf for toast to perfectly set the stage.

Of course, next is butter to serve as a topping,

then he would chow down with no signs of stopping.

But as he lumbered and lazed his way to self-checkout

He came across a product they must've just recently let out

He picked up a jar and with a rumble, he uttered,

"What in tarnation...peanut butter...?"

He shook his head in disbelief and concern.

"Beans on toast is something these people must unlearn,"

he thought to himself, but never close-minded,

he raised a finger, dipping it into the grinded

peanut concoction. Giving a scoop,

pulled out a clump and plopped it down with a ploop

onto some toast he had stored in his hair

(He never dares to go anywhere unprepared).

He slathered on jam and took a bite of what he made

"This isn't just good...this is grrrrrr—!"

Just then, the SWAT team burst in with Kellogg's lawyers united.

Even the Jam Monster can't say things copyrighted!

Flavor Profile: Grape | Jam | Butter | Toast | Peanut Butter

75 VG / 25 PG Blend



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