Cloud Nurdz - Strawberry Lemon ICED (100ml)

Cloud Nurdz - Strawberry Lemon ICED (100ml)

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Once the summer hits, you need to vape something that’s profoundly refreshing. Strawberry Lemon Ejuice by Cloud Nurdz 100ml cools you down and kills your thirst with a scrumptious blend of seasonal fruity flavors. Whenever you take a hit of Strawberry Lemon e liquid, it will feel like you’re gulping down a big glass of ice-cold strawberry lemonade made with fresh fruits. The zesty lemon and sweet strawberry flavors are a match made in heaven.

Each inhale soaks the tongue in invigorating lemon flavor. Quickly, strawberry juice douses the palate with its tangy and sweet taste. The juices quench your thirst before becoming sugary sweet on the exhale.



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