HOHMTECH - School 4A Charger

HOHMTECH - School 4A Charger

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Hohm Tech SCHOOL^4 4A USB-C Charger Features:

  • Dimensions - 108mm x 96mm x 29mm

  • Plug & Play Ready

  • 4-Bay Battery Charger

  • Screenless Design

  • Two-Tier Battery Bridge System

  • Intelligent Tri-Charge Level - 0.5A, 1A, and 2A

  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C / 32°-104°F

  • Four-Stage Charge/Discharge Algorithm (CC, CV, Oscillation, Micro-Pulse)

  • Binomial DV Algorithmic Technology

  • BLD System - Detects Length and Adjusts Amperage Accordingly

  • Compatible with Li-ion / LiFePO4 / Ni-MH / Ni-Cd Batteries

  • Integrated Input Power Regulator

  • Rear LED Light Readout System

  • Multi-Groove Positive Contact for Optimal Energy Flow

  • Auto maintenance System

  • Battery Doctor

  • 5V USB Port Compatibility

  • Reverse Polarity Protection

  • Wrong Battery Type Protection

  • Over Charge Protection

  • Short-Circuit Protection

  • Type C USB Port

    To ensure your safety and maintain the battery’s life and durability, we recommend you follow these rules:

    • Do not over-discharge or overcharge the battery. Doing so will shorten the battery’s life and sometimes, it can make it pop or leak.
    • Please do not short circuit or it will release massive current.
    • Do not play with fire! Do not dispose of any kind of battery in or near any fire.
    • Do not stack more than one battery as it may potentially blowout and cause serious damage to yourself and place.
    • We do not recommend stacking more than one battery in your device because it may potentially blowout and cause serious harm.
    • Do not heat above 100 degrees Celcius/ 212 degrees Farehenhiet 
    • Do not use the battery if the wrapper is damaged
    • Do not use the battery above its constant amp limit
    • Keep batteries in the case when not in use. 

      Package Includes:

      • 1 x HOHMTECH SCHOOL 4A Charger

      Note: There is always an inherent risk when using any rechargeable batteries at any time and under any circumstances. Know your Battery and Charger Warning & Safety Information


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